My vision

01 Mar

Hello and a big welcome to all MLA members and non members. 

First congratulations to our new Executive Committee (Hingaa Committee). I look forward to closely working with you. 

From left to right:Editor, President, Secretary (front), Vice President (back), Training Officer, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer (absent), Advisor (absent)


A big thank you to all librarians, information managers and other interested parties who attended the first MLA event of 2010, on 27 Feb 2010. I personally hope that all of us learnt something new and interesting that would help us in the long run from the “Mingling” session. I sure did! 

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to the ex-hingaa committee (EC). The event wouldn’t have been such a great success without the extraordinary efforts from Shiuna, Athiyya, Nashath, Fathmath Shiham, Aminath Riyaz and Mohamed Rasheed. They were my team who inspired me to be the best I can be at times of highs and lows. So, thanks team 🙂 

Also, many thanks to our families whose direct and indirect involment/support, without which we couldn’t have gone this far. Special thanks to JCI Maldives (& JCI Moobeen) for the training session and to Mr. Byn for providing us with a lovely meeting place and endless nights of inforgettable yummy coffee. 

My vision for the future of MLA is to see the MLA members being actively involved in taking this Library Association forward and making MLA a strong voice influencing how the library and information science is being shaped, used and seen within our community. I would like to see MLA members (apart from the hinga committee) take initiative and organize events all of us can participate in. I would like each MLA member to seek or take away atleast one benefit from MLA during the next two years to come and always. 

Here’s what I learnt during my first term of MLA presidency. No one else is going to give us the push we need except ourselves. No amount of whining will get the job done. We need to spend from our pockets and raise funds, so that we can build a better budget. We need a better budget so that we can help ourselves and others through this association. 

So let’s all volunteer and say YES! I can help…meet. learn. acquire. 


MLA President 2010


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3 responses to “My vision

  1. Anthu Riyaz

    March 1, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Very inspiring! 🙂 Well done Shaba.

    It takes lots of guts, enthusiasm and drive to take an association like this forward.

    I request “librarians” at all levels to pitch in to make this association more vibrant. We need an active association to attract international grants. We need an active association to make library profession a respectable one in our community. There is no doubt in my mind of the importance of libraries and information in enhancing our lives, developing our mindset and leading our Dhivehi Raajje into development.

  2. shiu

    March 1, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    I’m in, and count me as a one who will give full support and enthusiasm to the association. I personally thank the old council members and well wishers for all the support and help. In the mean time I would like to congratulate the new council members. This time as a team we should have a blast 🙂

  3. gogo

    May 22, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    tonight workshop, it’s very good


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