The Library : an exotic concept

08 Mar

Anything is possible @ the Library.

Nope, I am not talking about just another library. I am talking about an “ideal alternative for a stylish holiday!”

This Library ” aims to share happiness in another angle of view on how to spend valuable time when on vacation.”

It is interesting how this land owner, Mr. Kasemtham Sornsong decided to build his resort based on the theme of “the Library”. It is a resort. Ofcourse, it has a library called “The LiB” , a restaurent called  “The Page”, and the props are of books and reading figurines on the beach and everywhere.

According to their website “it started from an idea of the Project Designer who love to see things close to herself rather than look further to nowhere. She saw one activity every where she went especially on the beach, READING!. Travelers can spend hours and hours reading on the beach, by the Pool, at the Restaurant. She thinks to complete one good vacation, what else do you expect, apart from a nice room, delicious meals with good ambience? One good book 🙂

This is so true “Real Happiness is not complicated at all” all it takes is … one good book.

Shaba 🙂


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Posted by on March 8, 2010 in NEWS


One response to “The Library : an exotic concept

  1. Anthu Riyaz

    March 9, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    very cool and exotic 🙂
    what luxary!!! i.e. leasure reading.


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