Role of Public Libraries in democracy

22 May

Important pillars of democracy such as freedom of speech, the freedom to read, the freedom to view are guaranteed and supported by a well functioning library.

Democratic theory argues that a democratic government and society must enable individuals to achieve their fullest potential of development.

It assumes that individuals who reach their fullest potential will contribute to the society better in general. In order to achieve such development, an individual needs knowledge and access to ideas, this is where the library fits the whole scheme of democracy.

(from Amman Adam’s presentation).


The MLA Lecture on ‘the importance of public libraries and the role they play in democracy’ held on 20th May 2010 was attended by a significant number of people and was well recieved.

Among the attendees were library and information workers from MCHE Central Library, MCHE Health Sciences Library, The National Library [of Maldives], Customs Authority of Maldives, Arabiyya School, Thajudheen School, Majeedhiyya School, and students from the Advanced Certificate in Library Studies course, Billabong International School, Iskandar School and other interested individuals & government officials.

As some of the participants requested for a copy of the presentation made by Mr. Amman Adam, we are attaching it herewith. <role of public libraries presentation.pptx>

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