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12 Sep

NCIT Facilitates National Library & Maldives Library Association to conduct a Training on “Koha Intergrated Library System Software”and “Greenstone Library Software” Last updated on : September 11, 2011

National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT) facilitates the National library and Maldives Library Association to conduct training on “Koha ILS Software” and “Greenstone Digital Library (GSDL) Software” from 11th September 2011 to 15th September 2011. This Training is jointly organized by the Maldives Library Association (MLA) & National Library of Maldives (NLM) facilitated by Maldives National University Library, Nepzilla Solutions Nepal, the Maldivian Greenstone Network and Ministry of Education.

The objective of the training is to train technical staff from selected libraries in materializing automation of library services. The training will cover “Koha Intergrated Library System Software” and “Green Stone Library Software”.

This 5 day training is attended by technical staff from selected 11 libraries across nation. The training is conducted by overseas experts in partnership with the Maldives Library Association with administrative support from the Institute of library and Information Services, NLM as part of MLA Koha Pilot Project 2011.

The above is reproduced as it appears on NCIT website

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