MLA Annual General Meeting 2012

27 May

MLA Council for the new term has been elected at the annual general meeting held on May 26, 2011. The meeting was held at the “American Center” at the National Library, from 8:00pm to 9:30pm.

The annual report for 2011 was shared at the meeting, and the activity calendar for the current year was presented and approved by the members present.

The following changes to the MLA constitution was also proposed and approved at the meeting.
1)  The “Adviser” post for the past two terms (Jan 2007 to Jan 2009 and Feb 2010 to May 2012) was held by the elected adviser Mrs Habeeba Hussain Habeeb (who since inception of MLA held the post of President); during the last term, the post has been treated more like a honorary post by agreement of the rest of the Council members. At the current annual general meeting it was proposed that this post be made a honorary post (without an election) and this be reflected on the constitution. This was proposed mainly to ensure that there would be at least one member common to the outgoing Council and the new Council, in order to ensure the continuity of work.

a) It was proposed that the current adviser (also a founding member of the Association) be permanently assigned “Adviser” post.
Mrs Habeeba graciously requested that she be relieved of the post, and offered to provide her assistance as a founding member.

b) Taking the above into consideration, it was then proposed that the “Adviser” post be assigned as an honorary post to the outgoing President from each term for the new term. This was unanimously agreed by the members present.

2) It was also proposed that a transition period be set for the outgoing Council and the new Council to handover tasks for smooth transition. As such, a duration of not less than one month was approved to be assigned as the transition period. Thereby the current Council will continue until the end of June 2012, and the new Council will take Office on 1 July 2012.

The new MLA Council was elected as stipulated in the MLA Constitution, by popular vote by the members present at the meeting.

The new composition of the MLA Council are as follows (for a two year term commencing July 1, 2012):

  • President:
    Aminath Riyaz (The Maldives National University Library)
  • Vice President:
    Fathimath Nashath (National Library of Maldives)
  • Adviser:
    Aishath Shabana (The Maldives National University Library)
  • Secretary:
    Aminath Shazina (The Academy for Dhivehi Language)
  • Assistant Secretary:
    Fathimath Visala
    (The Maldives National University Library)
  • Treasurer:
    Shafeea Shakir
    (National Library of Maldives)
  • Editor:
    Fathimath Nashfa (The Maldives National University Library)
  • Training Officer
    Athiyya Shakeel (The Maldives National University Library)
  • Public Relations Officer:
    Aminath Shiuna (The Maldives National University Library)
  • General Council member (other member1):
    Riyaza Mohamed (Islamic Library, Ministry of Islamic Affairs)
  • General Council member (other member2):
    Samiya Mohamed (National Library of Maldives)

MLA Council members 2012-2013

Hearty congratulations to the elected members and heartfelt appreciation for the members with determination and community spirit who joined the meeting as well as stood for election. The Association has a great responsibility for increasing awareness of the importance of the library as a vital community institution and promoting the “librarian” as a worthy profession.

-Anthu Riyaz-

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