MLA joins copyright awarenss …

08 Nov
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The Maldives Library Association participated in the “National Seminar on Awareness Building and Copyright and Related Rights” organized by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in cooperation with Ministry of Economic Development, Republic of Maldives and with the assistance of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), Republic of Korea; held on 6-7 November 2012.

The following is an extract from the news on the website of Ministry of Economic Development.

The workshop was inaugurated by Minister of Economic Development, Honorable Ahmed Mohamed.

During the opening remarks Honorable Minister stated:

“The copyright-related issues are becoming increasingly relevant and important for developing countries such as the Maldives as we enter the information age and struggle to participate in the knowledge-based global economy.

For copyright and its related rights to serve its intended benefits, consumers as well as producers need to be well informed about the concept and their collaboration need to be acquired.

If there were no protection for creativity, there is no incentive for development of new products or innovation. The foundation of economic development is innovation and creativity, and hence it is essential that governments provide the necessary framework for such protection. The ultimate objective here is to foster creative industries”.

Mrs Gao Director of Copyright Development Division in the World Intellectual Property Organization also addressed the participants during the opening ceremony. In her statement she highlighted the importance of copyright in the developing world.

The Participants from government and private organizations will get the opportunity to discuss with the experts from WIPO, on the challenges we face in our country in the effective implementation of copyrights and related rights. Speakers from Singapore, India and Thailand will address the participants on different emerging issues of Copyright and Related Rights.  This two day seminar is organized to create necessary awareness and understanding on Copyright and Related Rights in Maldives.

In Maldives, the Law on Copyright identifies the statutory means to reward creativity, provides the required legal basis to ensure fair incentives for the creative sectors of the economy and ensures that the creators of original pieces of work get recognition for their work and also the opportunity to benefit from it.
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The seminar was delivered by an international panel of experts including Mrs. Gao Hang (Director of Copyright Development Division, WIPO, Geneva), Mr Ang Kwee Tiang (Regional Director and Counsel Asia-Pacific International, Confederation of Authors and Composers, Singapore), Dr. G.R. Raghavender (Registrar of Copyrights, Department of Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi), Mr. Sudhek Boriboonsri (Legal Officer, Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, Nonthaburi, Thailand), and Ms Young-ah Lee (Senior Program Officer, Copyright Development Division, WIPO, Geneva). Additionally a lecture on copyright protection in the industry was delivered by Ms. Amice van der Burg-Dissanayake (Microsoft Colombo) and an introduction to the copyright law of Maldives was delivered by Mr. Mushfiq Mohamed and another session on how to create copyright awareness in Maldives was delivered by Ms. Sinanath Hashim (Head, Intellectual Property Unit, Ministry of Economic Development, Male’).

The seminar gave an overview of copyright and related rights in general and the copyright Law of Maldives; it also highlighted the importance of copyright for cultural and economic development as well as, as a tool for National development. The participants were also exposed to the Practices and Experiences of copyright protection in other countries, specifically India, Thailand, & Korea.The seminar also focused on the how and why of awareness building programs about Copyright and related rights. The seminar was wrapped up with a brainstorming session on how to enhance copyright awareness in the Maldives.

Libraries are an important information intermediary that can play an important role in instilling a culture in its clients to respect intellectual property and to use ‘information’, in its many form, ethically. Therefore it is essential that library personnel are equipped with the knowledge of the copyright industry, the copyright law and related laws locally as well as internationally. The Association was represented at the seminar by Ms Aminath Riyaz, Ms. Aminath Shazina, Ms, Fathimath Nashfa, and Ms. Fathimath Visala. It was also noteworthy that the National Library of Maldives as well as the Maldives National University Library was represented at the seminar.


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2 responses to “MLA joins copyright awarenss …

  1. maldives best

    February 6, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Maldivians need a lot of copyright awareness. It would have been better if audience was big. Copyright info also needs to go through our education system so that future leaders will have a better idea of what it is.

    • infomalias

      February 6, 2013 at 10:39 pm

      The copyright division at the Ministry, as far as I know, made a lot of effort to invite as many people as possible. It’s sad that some sectors did not show enough enthusiasm to take time out to attend the two day session.

      But on a positive note, this seminar brought together people from a wide audience ranging from Villa College students, CHSC teachers, Artists, Librarians, Journalists and Lawyers.

      Much more effort is needed to create awareness on copyright issues.


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