MLA Training on GSDL

25 Apr

The Maldives Library Association has conducted a training on Greenstone Digital Library Software. This software is open source and is ideal for the creation of full-text searchable, indexed collections of documents. As such, the software can be utilized for archiving purposes in addition to the creation of online digital library collections.

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The training was offered from 24 to 25 April 2013 at the Villa College QI campus in partnership with the National Library of Maldives. Delivery of the training was carried out by technical experts from the Maldives Library Association and the National Library of Maldives. The session was delivered by Ms. Fathimath Nashfa and Mr. Ahmed Shahid.

Participants include staff from school libraries, university and college libraries, and other organizations looking for effective archiving options.

The training included hands on training on software installation, customization, and creation of test collections of photos, documents, serials, and books. The feedback from the training is very positive with further recommendations on providing additional time for practice sessions.


Participant list:

1 Mr. Abbas Mohamed Maldives National University
2 Mr. Abdulla Muaz Giyaasudheen School
3 Ms. Aishath Naazleen Jamaaludheen School Library
4 Ms. Aishath Shiyana Maldives National University Library
5 Ms. Aminath Shiyaza MAPS College Library
6 Ms. Asiyath Subath National Library
7 Ms. Athiyya Shakeel Maldives National University Library
8 Ms. Dhimsa Adnan Islamic Library
9 Ms. Hawwa Shiuna Villa College Library
10 Ms. Hindhu Ali National Library
11 Ms. Khadheeja Hussain National Institute of Education
12 Ms. Khadheeja Mohamed MAPS College Library
13 Ms. Mariyam Gasim Jamaaludheen School Library
14 Ms. Mariyam Humaidha Maldives National University
15 Ms. Mariyam Nazreena Islamic Library
16 Ms. Mariyam Thiseena National Institute of Education
17 Ms. Maryam Ihusana Maldives National University Library
18 Ms. Salwa Kareem Kalaafaanu School Library
19 Ms. Samiya Mohamed National Library
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