…a whole new world for me. The Library!

20 Jul

“When I got into primary school, it opened up a whole new world for me. The Library! There was science books there, there was books on people, there were books on history, story books, and lots of things. … I read a lot. I like reading more than going to school. And there was this book … and I would borrow that book everyday … and the librarian got quite upset … and when she tried to not let me take the book … [definitely did something naughty!] Let’s just leave it at that…

… [a whole lot of awesome talk about where his curiosity took him] …

My message to you tonight. Be curious! Read books! …”


Great talk by Jaa. Watch the video above or link to his blog here. Watch and get inspired. Curiosity feeds the mind and moves humanity forward.

For me, his talk boils down to reading. It does not matter whether in a traditional library or online. I believe our younger generation is growing up without much of a reading culture, bombarded with the social networks and the like.


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Posted by on July 20, 2013 in Interesting reads


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