MLA General Assembly and Council Election for 2018-2019

13 Feb

The General Assembly was held on 10 February 2018 at the National Library, Institute of Library & Information Services, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

group.jpgParticipants of the meeting, 10th February 2018

Agenda of the Meeting:

  1. Welcoming & introduction by Ms. Fathimath Nashath, President
  2. Presenting the activities & achievements of the term (2016-2017) by Aishath Abdulla, Assistant Secretary.
  3. Launching of MLA Website by Ahmed Shareef
  4. Election for the next term 2018-2019

Activities & Achievements of the term (2016-2017)

  1. Trip to Lhaviyani Atoll, 7-9 March, 2016
    • Awarding a Shield to Naifaru Public Library Founder, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim for the continuous library service for over 36 years
    • Free consultancy for Naifaru Public Library set-up
    • Visited all libraries in the atoll and a situation analysis was prepared
    • Meeting with Councilors and Schools’ heads
    • Introducing WILD (Workshop on Island Library Development) & endorsing to conduct the workshop in Lh. Naifaru for all Library staff and interested people in the atoll plus appointing Mr. Nizar as the Focal Point.
  2. Conducted WILD in 2 atolls namely at Lh. Naifaru, from 26 to 27 May 2016 and at A.A. Ukulhas, from 14 to 16 September 2017.
  3. Library Automation : 2016-2017 — Installed Koha ILS in the following 7 Libraries and training was provided
    • Billabong High International School Library
    • Audit Office Library
    • R. Rasmadhoo School Library
    • Taajuddin School Library
    • Maldives Islamic University Library
    • A.A. Ukulhahu School Library
    • Rehendhi School Library

In addition, MLA remarked the biggest accomplishment as Upgrading Koha Server in NCIT. 

In fact, Library Automation and Digitization Project was started as a Pilot Project in 2010 & 2011. This project was initiated by National Library in collaboration with MLA, EDC (NIE), & Koha was hosted in NCIT.

This project did not continue further for some reasons, hence, MLA decided to further develop and maintain Library Automation during this term.

  1. Library Digitization: Dspace
    • Dsapce was installed at the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy, Research Library. Uploading records and training was also accomplished.
    • Proposed STELCO to install Dspace
  2. Library Consultancy
    • Maldives Islamic University in July to August 2016
    • A.Ukulhahu School Library in March 2017
    • Provided soft copy of DDC 23rd Abridged edition for over 42 Libraries
  3. Information sessions / Workshops:
    • Informal Professional Development session – 19 November 2016
    • Proposal writing skills workshop – 21 March 2017
    • MLA President participated IFLA Global Vision, Regional Workshop, Singapore – 28-29 June 2017
    • IFLA Global Vision, Country Workshop organized by MLA held on 9 September 2017. In this workshop, concerns, issues and experiences of LIS field in Maldives were compiled by MLA
    • Big Book writing skills workshop: a 3 day workshop conducted in April 2017. As an outcome of the workshop, participants in groups compiled 4 Big Books aiming for young children.
  4. Library Science trainings
    • Essential Skills in Library Science – September to October 2016
  5. Events
    • Marked World Book Day – 23 April 2016 (MLA’s newsletter first issue for the year was published and distributed at the event)
  6. Visiting & communicating with Libraries to find out the concerns, issues and challenges
    • Information gathered were presented to the Minister of Education on 23 November 2016 by a team of Council members.
  7. Appreciation of the continuous public library service
    • Naifaru Public Library Founder, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim’s name was proposed to the National Award by MLA. As a result Mr. Nizar received the award at the Official Ceremony held in November 2016 by Mr. President.
  8. Re-branding MLA Logo and launched on the Thirtieth anniversary of MLA at a breakfast held on the occasion.
  9. A proposal for IFLA Grant was submitted – March 2017
  10. IFLA Global vision, Country Workshop report submitted to IFLA on September 2017
  11. All newsletter issues were compiled and published in MLA blog.
  12. As additional accomplishments:
    • Proposal for a bid (Preservation and Conservation Project) opened by Ministry of Finance in 2016
    • Proposal to obtain funds (opened by Ministry of Home Affairs for the ngo’s)
    • Addressed the issue of unavailability for Higher Studies in LIS field in SAARC countries as well as in Maldives (especially Degree & Master level) to Department of Higher Education.
    • Updating Membership Registry.

oldOutgoing Council Members (2016-2017) with Koha Technician, Ahmed Shareef

Missing in the pic: Secretary, Badrunnisa Abdulla,

and Editor, Fathimath Shahuda

Soft Launching of MLA Website


Website URL will be announced later, after the content is fully developed.


New Council Members 2018-2019new.jpg

The new composition of the MLA Council are:

President: Aminath Shiuna, National Library of Maldives
Adviser: Fathimath Nashath, Maldives Islamic University
Vice President: Athiyya Shakeel, Maldives National University
Editor: Aminath Riyaz, Maldives National University
Hawwa Nabaha Amir, National Library
Assistant Secretary: Fathimath Umar, Iskandhar School
Training Officer: Aminath Hasma, Hiriya School
Treasurer: Shafeea Shakir, National Library
Public Relations Officer: Luxmi Haawin, Ahmadiyya International School

Other member 1 : Zaheena Ibrahim, H.Dh. Makunudhoo School

Other member 2 : Aishath Thanee


Regarding the achievements presented in the meeting, former President Ms. Aminath Riyaz remarked the outgoing term as a “successful one”.

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