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#iflaGlobalVision Discussion from across the world

IFLA global vision discussion is truly a global discussion that is happening in the library and information services sector across the world.

This post is an attempt to bring images from other countries, to keep the Maldives LIS sector inspired, updated and connected.


Regional workshops

As a precursor to individual country meetings, IFLA initiated 6 regional workshops in different countries bringing together library representatives from countries in that region.


Hanoi, Vietnam, 23-25 May 2018 (Image source


Paris, France (Image source


Santiago, Chile (Image source:


Regional meeting from the Middle East and North Africa (Twitter source @IFLA


Image source Twitter @LibraryArchives



Country meetings

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Image source Instagram @ #iflaglobalvision #buenosaires #bibliotecas #bibliotecarios #creamosfuturo #abgra #unidos

Australia (Brisbane)


Image source Instragram @ #iflaglobalvision #ifla #bahrain #nationallibrary


#iflaglobalvision workshop in Belarus #librarians #belarus #ourvisionourfuture


Image source Facebook @Sonam Yudon


Image source Facebook @Persatuan Perpustakaan Brunei


Image source WhatsApp Asia-Oceania group

Croatia (Zagreb)

Image source Instagram #IFLAGlobalVision radionica. Danas, u Zagrebu. Hvala Knjižnicama grada Zagreba koje su nas ugostile


Denmark (Image source Twitter @MarieeEiriksson)


Egypt. Image source Facbook @Cybrarians

Greece (Athens)

Image source (Image source Facebook @Εεβεπ Βιβλιοθηκονόμοι)


Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Image source (WhatsApp Asia-Oceania network)

Malaysia (Sarawak)

Image sources WhatsApp Asia-Oceania network

Maldives (Male’)

Nepal (Kathmandu)

Image source Facebook @Gita Tapa

Nigeria (Abeokuta)

From Nigeria workshop. Photo source twitter @NLALibrary


Pakistan Image source Facebook @Syed Ghyour Hussain


Image source: Facebook @Alicia Sellés Carot


Philippines (Image source Twitter @elvielapuz)

Trinidad and Tobago



We would love to include all meetings here. Get in touch by leaving a comment or send an email to

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MLA Big book series

The Maldives Library Association launched its first book in the MLA boob book series. The books

The MLA Big Book “Shaihaage dhathuru” was launched at the Maldives Library Day celebration held at the Social Centre in Male’.

The Big Book series is a bi-product of the “Dhivehi Big Book Writing Skills Workshop” organised by the MLA in 2017. This is the first Dhivehi big book to be published in the Maldives. The first book in the series is appropriate to preschoolers and children in primary grades who are learning to read Dhivehi.

The book has been received favourably by the public.

The Chief Guest at the Library Day 2018 event, Minister of State to the Ministry of Youth and Sports appreciates the MLA Big Book

Formal launching of the Bib Book was initiated Ms. Fathimath Nashath. Nashath was the former MLA President and currently serves the MLA Council as the adviser


The book was printed with MLA budget and a generous donation from Coca Cola company.


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Maldives Library Day 2018

The week of July 12 is marked as the Maldives Library Day.

Special book information and book display by the National Library

Islamic University of Maldives arranged an open lecture for librarians from different libraries. The lecture was titled “Libraries for Ummah”. Librarians from a number of different libraries participated in the lecture


Lhaviyani Atoll Education Centre had a library open day with fun activities for kids and also book donation program



The library book donation drive for the school library at Ukulhas received over 2000 books, which is quite an achievement for the library


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MLA meets visiting professor of LIS

A team of MLA Council members met with visiting Professor Dr Rosalina Othman, Head of Department of Library and Information Science from International Islamic University of Malaysia.

The esteemed professor shared her knowledge through her experience of teaching and curriculum planning for their Masters Programme in Library and Information Sciences a well as their coordination with the University Library.

Discussions also were carried out to conduct an international conference in the Maldives in the area of information literacy, information retrieval, and the importance of information sources in research. Tentative discussions include the Maldives Library Association, the National Library of the Maldives and the Islamic University of Maldives.

Further discussions were also held in exchanging expertise between the Kulliyyah and the MLA and library professionals in the Maldives with regard to the introduction of higher education opportunities at Maldivian universities i in the area of library and information science.

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Maldives Library Day 2018

The Maldives Library Association participated in the celebrations organised by the National Library to mark the Maldives Library Day 2018. The library day is marked annually as a national celebration of the signification of libraries in national building. The celebrations was initiated a few years ago, and coincides with the anniversary of the first public library in the country, the National Library of Maldives.

The MLA setup a stall at the event organised by the National Library at the Social Centre in Male’. Activities from the MLA stall include the sale of the newly launched book from the MLA big book series and the sale of MLA’s 25th anniversay commemorative book. MLA also ran activities to raise funds for the printing of two other big books already in its final stage for publication.

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United library field, Maldives

On 30 June 2018, in Male’, Maldives, 21 librarians participated in a conversation (#iflaGlobalVision) about how a united library field can tackle the challenges of the future. It is part of a global conversation initiated by International Federation of Library Associations and institutions (IFLA), currently in phase 2. Over the course of two years (2017-2018), IFLA attempts to involve as many librarians and others as possible in this global conversation.

The participants built on the results from phase 1 of the conversation to gather ideas for actions for IFLA.

To learn more about the global conversation visit

As a precursor to the individual country meetings, regional meetings were conducted by IFLA in several locations. The Maldives was represented at the Asia-Oceania meeting held in Vietnam in May 2018. Follow this link to read more about the Vietnam meeting.

The Maldives country meeting was organised by the Maldives Library Association (MLA) and collaborated and hosted by the National Library of Maldives.

The meeting was facilitated by Aminath Riyaz and the participants comprised of librarians and library professionals from the:

  • National Library of Maldives, which also operates as the only public library,
  • The Maldives National University (the largest of the two universities in the country)
  • Villa College (the most prominent private higher secondary and tertiary institution in the country)
  • Centre for Higher Secondary Education (the only government higher secondary school)
  • Hiriya School (a government school in Male’ city, Primary & Secondary)
  • Aminiya School (a government school in Male’ city, Primary & Secondary)
  • Maafushi School (a government school in an outer island, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary)
  • Thaajudheen School (a government school in Male’ city, Primary & Secondary)
  • Makunudhoo School (a government school in an outer island, Primary & Secondary – former staff)

Together all participants represented 229 years of library experience.




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MLA participated in the IFLA global conversation in Hanoi, Vietnam

MLA participated in IFLA’s Global Vision Workshop for the Asia and Oceania region held from 23-25 May 2018 in Hanoi, Viet Nam, and represented the Maldives library and information sector. This workshop was part of a larger venture, IFLA Global Vision Discussion, that brings together librarians from all over the world to explore how a connected library field can meet the challenges of the future. More information on this venture can be found at

The purpose of the meeting was to gather experience and cultural perspectives from librarians representing different countries and engage the library environment to create a global vision of an aligned and connected field able to fulfill the potential of libraries to meet individual and community needs. IFLA launched and facilitated this global discussion at a series of high-level meetings and workshops in different parts of the world.

The Asia-Oceania regional meeting was hosted by the National Library Vietnam. MLA Council member, Aminath Riyaz, joined the workshop on the behalf of MLA.


Day 1, the arrival of delegates and the opening reception held at the National Library of Vietnam, Hanoi



Day 2 and 3 were dedicated for group activities to identify opportunities for action and ideas for action that will realize those opportunities.

Workshop program can be viewed here.

The participants from this workshop will be facilitating similar sessions in their individual countries in the Asia Oceania region in order to identify the opportunities for their individual countries and also to brainstorm ideas for action. The Maldives’ meeting will be held later in June 2018.

Further information about the workshop can be found on IFLA page 



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