World Book Day 2018

April 23 is marked as the World Book Day in many parts of the world.

Here are snaps from a remarkable reading event organised by Rasmaadhoo School Library on the occasion of World Book Day 2018.

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MLA General Assembly and Council Election for 2018-2019

The General Assembly was held on 10 February 2018 at the National Library, Institute of Library & Information Services, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

group.jpgParticipants of the meeting, 10th February 2018

Agenda of the Meeting:

  1. Welcoming & introduction by Ms. Fathimath Nashath, President
  2. Presenting the activities & achievements of the term (2016-2017) by Aishath Abdulla, Assistant Secretary.
  3. Launching of MLA Website by Ahmed Shareef
  4. Election for the next term 2018-2019

Activities & Achievements of the term (2016-2017)

  1. Trip to Lhaviyani Atoll, 7-9 March, 2016
    • Awarding a Shield to Naifaru Public Library Founder, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim for the continuous library service for over 36 years
    • Free consultancy for Naifaru Public Library set-up
    • Visited all libraries in the atoll and a situation analysis was prepared
    • Meeting with Councilors and Schools’ heads
    • Introducing WILD (Workshop on Island Library Development) & endorsing to conduct the workshop in Lh. Naifaru for all Library staff and interested people in the atoll plus appointing Mr. Nizar as the Focal Point.
  2. Conducted WILD in 2 atolls namely at Lh. Naifaru, from 26 to 27 May 2016 and at A.A. Ukulhas, from 14 to 16 September 2017.
  3. Library Automation : 2016-2017 — Installed Koha ILS in the following 7 Libraries and training was provided
    • Billabong High International School Library
    • Audit Office Library
    • R. Rasmadhoo School Library
    • Taajuddin School Library
    • Maldives Islamic University Library
    • A.A. Ukulhahu School Library
    • Rehendhi School Library

In addition, MLA remarked the biggest accomplishment as Upgrading Koha Server in NCIT. 

In fact, Library Automation and Digitization Project was started as a Pilot Project in 2010 & 2011. This project was initiated by National Library in collaboration with MLA, EDC (NIE), & Koha was hosted in NCIT.

This project did not continue further for some reasons, hence, MLA decided to further develop and maintain Library Automation during this term.

  1. Library Digitization: Dspace
    • Dsapce was installed at the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy, Research Library. Uploading records and training was also accomplished.
    • Proposed STELCO to install Dspace
  2. Library Consultancy
    • Maldives Islamic University in July to August 2016
    • A.Ukulhahu School Library in March 2017
    • Provided soft copy of DDC 23rd Abridged edition for over 42 Libraries
  3. Information sessions / Workshops:
    • Informal Professional Development session – 19 November 2016
    • Proposal writing skills workshop – 21 March 2017
    • MLA President participated IFLA Global Vision, Regional Workshop, Singapore – 28-29 June 2017
    • IFLA Global Vision, Country Workshop organized by MLA held on 9 September 2017. In this workshop, concerns, issues and experiences of LIS field in Maldives were compiled by MLA
    • Big Book writing skills workshop: a 3 day workshop conducted in April 2017. As an outcome of the workshop, participants in groups compiled 4 Big Books aiming for young children.
  4. Library Science trainings
    • Essential Skills in Library Science – September to October 2016
  5. Events
    • Marked World Book Day – 23 April 2016 (MLA’s newsletter first issue for the year was published and distributed at the event)
  6. Visiting & communicating with Libraries to find out the concerns, issues and challenges
    • Information gathered were presented to the Minister of Education on 23 November 2016 by a team of Council members.
  7. Appreciation of the continuous public library service
    • Naifaru Public Library Founder, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim’s name was proposed to the National Award by MLA. As a result Mr. Nizar received the award at the Official Ceremony held in November 2016 by Mr. President.
  8. Re-branding MLA Logo and launched on the Thirtieth anniversary of MLA at a breakfast held on the occasion.
  9. A proposal for IFLA Grant was submitted – March 2017
  10. IFLA Global vision, Country Workshop report submitted to IFLA on September 2017
  11. All newsletter issues were compiled and published in MLA blog.
  12. As additional accomplishments:
    • Proposal for a bid (Preservation and Conservation Project) opened by Ministry of Finance in 2016
    • Proposal to obtain funds (opened by Ministry of Home Affairs for the ngo’s)
    • Addressed the issue of unavailability for Higher Studies in LIS field in SAARC countries as well as in Maldives (especially Degree & Master level) to Department of Higher Education.
    • Updating Membership Registry.

oldOutgoing Council Members (2016-2017) with Koha Technician, Ahmed Shareef

Missing in the pic: Secretary, Badrunnisa Abdulla,

and Editor, Fathimath Shahuda

Soft Launching of MLA Website


Website URL will be announced later, after the content is fully developed.


New Council Members 2018-2019new.jpg

The new composition of the MLA Council are:

President: Aminath Shiuna, National Library of Maldives
Adviser: Fathimath Nashath, Maldives Islamic University
Vice President: Athiyya Shakeel, Maldives National University
Editor: Aminath Riyaz, Maldives National University
Hawwa Nabaha Amir, National Library
Assistant Secretary: Fathimath Umar, Iskandhar School
Training Officer: Aminath Hasma, Hiriya School
Treasurer: Shafeea Shakir, National Library
Public Relations Officer: Luxmi Haawin, Ahmadiyya International School

Other member 1 : Zaheena Ibrahim, H.Dh. Makunudhoo School

Other member 2 : Aishath Thanee


Regarding the achievements presented in the meeting, former President Ms. Aminath Riyaz remarked the outgoing term as a “successful one”.

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MLA General Meeting 2018


All MLA members, non-members, library professionals and those who are interested are cordially invited to participate in the General Meeting.

We will be electing Council Members for the new term of office.

Those interested in these posts please send your request with CV to

Before 31st January 2018.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Assistant Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Editor
  7. Training Officer
  8. Public Relations Officer
  9. Additional Member – 2 posts

Due Date extended for 7th February 2018

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MLA conducted Workshop on Island Library Development (WILD) from 14th to 16th September 2017 at A.A Ukulhahu School

This workshop was organized in collaboration with A.A. Ukulhahu School. Opportunity was given to librarians, teachers, students, parents and interested people from 08 islands in A.A. Atoll to participate in the workshop.

Participants from Ukulhas, Maalhos, and Bodu Folhudhoo completed the workshop which includes librarians, teachers, and students. Due to bad weather conditions some of the participants from the rest of the islands were unable to join the workshop.

School Principal Mr. Abdulla Ziyad spoke at the opening ceremony and highlighted about the library development specially Koha system being installed by MLA as a great achievement. MLA’s president Ms. Fathimath Nashath gave a briefing of Library field in Maldives and MLA’s role. Upcoming plans were shared as well and highlighted the importance and benefits of installing and implementing library automation system, KOHA in libraries.

Topics covered in the workshop were Acquisition, Accession, Classification, Cataloguing, Circulation, Stocktaking and weeding, Book repair, Library care and maintenance, Physical processing and Library promotion.

Facilitators were Ms. Fathimath Nashath and Ms. Hawwa Shiuna, Librarian at Hiriya School.

The participants were very co-operative and enthusiastic and they remarked the workshop as very useful and informative. They were very interested and keen to learn more about library services in the future. At the end of the workshop participants in a group of 4 prepared and presented library promotional displays.

Island Councilor Mr. Shaukath Ibrahim and school principal Mr. Ziyad joined the closing ceremony. Prior to the closing, MLA President had the opportunity to meet the councilor and school principal. Challenges, issues and concerns of the library field plus MLA’s accomplished work and future plan were shared in the meeting. Councillor mentioned that he will provide full support to all libraries in the atoll to develop the collection and services.

Councillor Mr. Shaukath was the chief guest of the closing ceremony who distributed the certificates to the participants and delivered a speech. In his speech he mentioned that every year Atoll council would be providing funds to enrich library collection which was approved recently. Principal Mr. Ziyad also expressed his thoughts, library developments and future plans to improve Ukulhahu School Library.  He also thanked MLA for installing Koha in Ukulhahu School Library as the first island in the atoll and providing consultancy for library set up in March 2017. MLA President also spoke about the topics taught in the workshop, the benefits of having a trained staff in libraries, and the importance of Library automation.  Workshop co-ordinator in Ukulhas, Ms. Shimla highlighted how the workshop was organized in collaboration with MLA and the excellent support provided by the Principal. Vote of thanks were given by two participants, a student and a teacher of the school. In general everyone thanked MLA for accomplishing such an excellent job as a volunteer work and conducting this workshop in their atoll.

Throughout the workshop everything was well organized by the school. Hence, this workshop was very fruitful and according to the feedback given by the participants MLA achieved the workshop’s goal.

MLA is thankful and appreciate the assistance provided by the Principal Mr. Ziyad and Ms. Shimla, who worked really hard with MLA to make this workshop a success. In addition, the school covered food and accommodation of the MLA team plus the hospitality provided was remarkable.

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IFLA Global Vision, Country Workshop, Maldives

MLA Organized and conducted IFLA Global Vision, Country Workshop, Maldives on 9th September 2017.

21 Participants from School Libraries, National Library, Maldives National University Library, and Villa College Library attended the workshop. It was a very fruitful meeting where librarians participated in a conversation about “How a united library field can tackle the challenges of the future”.  

Some of them shared their experiences as well as issues and concerns in library field.


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Koha ILS installation and training at Rehendhi School, Hulhumale

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MLA Participated IFLA Global Vision Regional Workshop Asia Oceania, Singapore on the 28th & 29th of June 2017


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