Koha ILS installation and consultancy for library setup at A.A.Ukulhahu School Library

MLA is carrying out Library automation project by installing Koha Integrated Library System in libraries throughout Maldives.  A team from MLA visited A.A Ukulhahu school to install Koha and provide training. The team included Fathimath Nashath, the President of MLA,  Ahmed Shareef, Koha Technician and Aishath Zukhra, Hiriya School librarian. The trip was from 9th to 10th March. 2017.  It was very successful with the help of school librarian, Ms. Shimla Mohamed. We appreciate the support provided by school Principal, Mr. Abdulla Ziyad and IT staff, Mr. Saeed.

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Workshop on writing a proposal

Workshop on writing a proposal held on 12th March 2017 in National library, conducted by  Dr. Mizna Mohamed, Research Co-ordinator, Endevor. Some of MLA members, librarians from Schools, National Library, Maldives National University and Villa College Library participated. The workshop was very informative and participants learned a lot and are willing to use the new knowledge.

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MLA celebrated 30th Anniversary

 A breakfast was hosted on Saturday 11 march  2017. Librarians of schools, Maldives National University and MLA members participated in this breakfast.
The new logo of MLA has launched at the breakfast.

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MLA Celebrating 30 Years

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MLA Annual General Meeting 2017

The first Annual General Assembly of MLA for 2017 was held on 7th February 2017 at the National Library, Training Institute. 24 people attended the meeting including members and non-members.

The main purpose of the meeting:

  1. Sharing of the activities accomplished in 2016
  2. Awarding appreciation letter for the people who contributed MLA in 2016
  3. Drawing up of and endorsing event calendar for 2017
  4. Election of members for the vacant posts in Council and Committees

The activities accomplished in 2016 are:

  1. A visit to Lhaviyani atoll from 7th to 9th March. The trip’s purpose was :
    1. to visit libraries in the atoll to identify the current situation, challenges faced and how MLA could assist to develop the libraries
    2. to award a shield to Naifaru Library founder, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim for the continuous library service to the community on the occasion of the library’s 36th anniversary
    3. to discuss conducting a Workshop in Library Development for librarians, teachers, parents, students and interested persons.
  2. Computerization of 04 libraries under the MLA Koha Project
  3. Installation of Dspace at Dhivehi Bahuge Academy, Research Library and assisting in creating a digital collection.
  4. Workshop on Island Library Development (WILD) training held at Lh. Naifaru for the atoll from 19th to 21st May.
  5. Essential Skills in Library Science (ESLS) training held for new library staff from September to October.
  6. Information Session on Informal Professional Development Session on 19th November.
  7. Library Consultancy Services to Maldives Islamic University Library (25th July to 26th October). In addition, Consultancy proposed to Islamic Library, Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Ameeniya School Library on 17th August and 9th November respectively.
  8. Marked World Book Day in collaboration with Dhivehi Bahuge Academy and National Library on 23rd April.
  9. Three issues of the newsletter published in MLA blog.
  10. Visited 04 libraries in Male’ to identify the challenges currently faced by library staff as well as management with the interest of developing libraries in their institutions.
  11. Meeting with Minister of Education to address the needs required to develop school libraries and the challenges faced by library staff.
  12. MLA recognized and proposed work of Lh. Naifaru Public Library’s founder Mr. Nizar’s name to National Award 2016 who received National Award for Special Achievement in serving the community for over 36 years.
  13. MLA logo rebranded and endorsed in Council meeting which was proposed for approval to Ministry of Home Affairs
  14. Delivered copy of Dewey Decimal Classification 15th edition (latest abridged edition) to 37 libraries to support library classification.

Prior to the approval of the event calendar for the current year 2017, letter of appreciation was awarded to 7 people who contributed to MLA activities in 2016.

Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim, Founder of Lh.Naifaru Public Library

Ms. Aishath Shabana, MNU library

Ms. Athiyya Shakeel, MNU library

Ms. Fathimath Nashfa, MNU library

Ms. Samiya Mohamed, Auditor General’s Office Library

Ms. Hawwa Nasiha, National Library

Ms. Aishath Thaanee, MLA member

Tentative event calendar for the current year 2017

  1. Library Automation
  2. Library Consultancy
  3. WILD training at Alif Alif atoll in March
  4. Big Book Writing Workshop in April
  5. Seminar on Library Development

Election for the vacant posts in Council

  1. Assistant Secretary: Former Assistant Secretary Ms. Aishath Abdulla resigned from the Post in January 2017 due to personal circumstances
  2. Editor: Former Editor Ms. Aishath Alima resigned from the post on 8th August 2016 due to personal circumstances
  3. Training Officer: Former Training Officer Ms. Shareefa Saeed resigned from the post on 16th October 2016.
  4. Additional Members 1 & 2 : Former Member 1 Mr. Sultan Saeed did not inform his resignation and due to not attending 03 consecutive council meetings, the post became vacant according to the constitution. Former Member 2. Ms. Aminath Jameel resigned in November 2016 due to personal reasons.

 New Composition for the above posts:

  1. Assistant Secretary – Aishath Abdulla, Rehendhi School Library
  2. Editor – Fathimath Shahudha, Ghaazee School Library
  3. Training Officer – Aminath Hasma, Hiriya School Library
  4. Additional member 1 – Hawwa Nasiha, National Library and                                                 Additional member 2 – Aishath Thaanee

Election for the vacant posts in Committees

  1. Training Committee

Member 1 – Hawwa Shiuna, Hiriya School Library

Member 2 – Aishath Zukhra, Hiriya School Library

  1. Event Committee

Member 1 – Aminath Siyama, Ghazzee School Library

Member 2 – Rifath Ahmed, Ghazzee School Library

The meeting overall, was very successful and brought together new members from school libraries.

We have loved to see more experienced library staff and interested personnel, in addition to the new people. The current MLA council looks forward to the contribution of the senior and experienced library and information professionals working at various institutes.

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Invitation for MLA Annual General Assembly 2017

All MLA Members, Non-members, Library Professionals, and interested personnel are invited.  Members will be elected for the vacant posts of MLA council and committees plus activities and tasks accomplished in the year 2016 will be presented.

GA invitation.jpg

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MLA recognized his long-term service and proposed his name for the National Award 2016: Founder of Lh.Naifaru Public Library, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim receiving National Award for Special Achievement in serving the community for over 36 years.

MLA recognized his long-term service and proposed his name for the National Award 2016:  Founder of Lh.Naifaru Public Library, Mr. Mohamed Nizar Ibrahim receiving National Award for Special Achievement in serving the community for over 36 years.
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